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Brand Strategy Training

Building fundamental skills

In today’s extremely complicated media and creative world too often the fundamental skills, like being able to write a creative brief, are missing.


For example our experience shows many agency people lack an understanding of how to connect business objectives with creative work. And on the client side there's a gap when it comes to writing agency briefs.

Programs tailored to your team’s needs

Different teams have different requirements, our broad subject range allows us to tailor programs to bridge skills gaps.

With experience on both the agency and client side we can help brand directors understand the tools and approaches of agency strategic planners; for example how agencies think, work and develop creative propositions.


And we can develop skills so that agency account managers and planners can better understand a client's marketing and positioning strategy.

How we kick things off

  • In-depth consultation with managers to identify needs

  • Match needs with the menu of subject areas

  • Workshop style with seriously useful tools

  • A take-away kit for everyday application

  • Engaging learning processes with interactive workshops using live cases

  • Bi-lingual or English with experienced coaches

Training Modules

  • How to write an inspiring creative brief

  • Brand positioning
  • Creating a distinctive brand personality

  • Brand architecture

  • Distinctive brand assets

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